Back to School Bash

Last Friday we had a "Back to School Bash" because it was our first meeting after vacation.  We didn't call it that because it doesn't sound as cool in Spanish but essentially that is what it was.  We had people from all over contributing to the service and showcasing their talents to give glory to God.
The first band was from Christian Surfers of Acajutla called Christian Surfer Band.  They played reggae worship music and everyone loved it.

These two young men came from about 45 minutes away.  Ruben and I met them at a youth conference that had invited Ruben to come preach and one of them did beatbox and was really good.  When this kid found out that we were having the group Metamorffosis come to our youth group he and his friends were all stoked and said they were coming.  So we gave them a spot between bands to show their beat boxing skills.

We also have a friend,who was one of the best break dancers in El Salvador but he gave up dancing full time and competing to go to Bible School. Now he uses his dancing to tell a story and to minister to others.

And the main show was Metamorffosis, a pop punk Christian band.  I have been a fan of them for years and didn't realize they were from El Salvador. One day Ruben and I were talking about music and they come up and turns out they are all good friends of his.  They actually opened up for his band back in the day.  
Needless to say, I was probably one of the most excited and it was way cool to meet them.  
We also had a short reflection and time of prayer in which I was able to pray with one of my ex students.  God can use any kind of music and setting to touch lives.  Someone might criticize and say that punk music shouldn't be in church, or Christian's shouldn't dance, or that's not how a Christian should dress.....but I say to you that God is the judge and let His Spirit work and change people.  Our job is to reach them, present them with the gospel, and love them.  God does all the rest.  

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