My Classroom Management Tools

I receive a new group of 2nd graders tomorrow and I decided to change some of my classroom management tactics I used last year.  I decided to use the "Caught You Being Good" method.  In which you have a container and the whole class works together to fill it up; you can use marbles, pompoms, or cotton balls.  I have two second grade classes so I have two different jars and I'm using cotton balls because I'm the one changing classrooms and my other class is upstairs so cotton balls are much lighter than marbles.  Basically, you reward the kids for good behavior and if someone is acting up, breaking the rules, you take out one of your objects.  Once the whole class has worked together to fill the jar I will give them all a prize of some sort.  I added a little something to this method. I made a yellow and red card that I will be using during the day to keep bad behavior under control.  I am an ESL teacher in El Salvador and soccer is the most popular sport. I don't have to explain how the cards work to the children but for those who aren't familiar with soccer rules I'll explain.  Two yellow cards are the same as a red which means expulsion from the game.  So in my class you can get a yellow card which will be a warning.  If you get two yellow cards you loose recess and I take out a cotton ball which is the same as someone getting a red card.  To get a red card, obviously, would be because the child did something serious so on top of losing recess, taking out a cotton ball, they would get a letter assigned which is the disciplinary action the school requires us to take. To make them I just cut yellow and red poster board into cards like the picture.  I wrote yellow card and red card on mine so they learn the colors and then I covered them with contact paper.  I will keep them in my Teacher's manuel and keep note in my lesson plans who received which cards, if any.   Hopefully, I won't have to give out to many red cards.  And I'm anxious to see how this strategy works for my new classes.


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM CST

    Is it working?

  2. I did this last year and I try to mix things up throughout the year. The cotton ball thing worked better than the red/yellow cards. This year I have a little container and for any good thing the kids do or for positive reinforcement I give them a little piece of paper to put in the container. Every Friday I randomly pick a name. Obviously, the more your name is in the more chances you have at winning. Thus far, it has worked great.