The Big Change

      Four months ago Ruben and I became the youth pastors at Vida Victoriosa, which is a church plant from Victorious Life Church in Florida.  When we started the youth who came to the meetings were very inconsistent. Four a month or so I hardly ever saw the same face.  Little by little we have started to get to know them more and have tried to create a different type of atmosphere for them.  After much praying and a little growth we decided to make the big change.  We were meeting upstairs in a Sunday School room and we wanted to meet downstairs in the temple to have full access to all the instruments.  However, there is a service on Thursday night. We also wanted did not want to worry about school the next day and being able to go and hang out with the students after service. So with the help of our staff we made the decision to change the service to Friday night.  We decided on the name ConeXion (Connection) with the idea that the youth service is a place to disconnect from all that distracts and reconnect with God and people who love them.  
   So this past Friday was the big change and it went better than I could have imagined.  God is so good because 4 months ago I would have NEVER imagined this.  We had a special band called "Heaven Seekers" and also a drama team from another church participate. It was so great to have youth groups from other churches support us.  We revealed the name and Ruben preached.  God moved.  Many of our students were touched.  Many of them tweeted later that evening.  Things such as, "Best youth service I've ever been to," "I have fallen back in love with the church again," "I have reconnected with God." Our goal is not to have a show for these teenagers but a service that is appealing to them backed by the power of the Holy Spirit working through us to change their lives.  Please join with us and pray for our youth and our leadership team.  We want to see God move and truly change the lives of the teenagers in El Salvador; and it starts with us.

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