This past Friday was the annual National Youth Conference in which, every four years, there are elections for President, Vice President, ect.  Ruben and I are part of the volunteer staff that works with the National Youth Department Central Zone which includes all of San Salvador and Chalatenango. This youth conference is held once a year in which students come from all over the country come to take part.  There were between 5,000 and 6,000 people at the conference.  This conference was slightly different because of the elections.  Unfortunately, that took up most of the time and after the voting many people left.  I was excited because as a youth pastor's wife I was able to take part in the elections.  After the elections were said and done it was very late but another speaker was due to preach.  So at midnight Eddie Zaldaña preached and it was amazing. He did such a great job and the few hundred that stayed to hear him were definitely blessed.  Ruben and my part in all this was attend to the VIP area.  We made sure food, drinks, snacks were stocked and if anyone of the executive board or any of the special invitees needed anything we were the ones they went to.

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