More Than a Teacher

I don't see my job as work, I see it as a ministry.  A ministry to children in need of God's love.  I'm with my students more than they are with their parents and it shows in their grades and behavior.  Everyday is a new day with new challenges that include much more than just teaching.  Today as I was getting ready three girls walked in and told me hello and started chatting amongst themselves. Then came in another girl who is very delicate and has a hard home life.  She greeted everyone and immediately starts to unload her problems on these girls, her peers. As she does she starts weeping.  Well, this catches my attention and I hug her and ask her what was wrong. At this point the other girls and feeling uncomfortable and kinda looking at each other as if to say, "What do we do?" I suggested they leave so I could talk to the one who so upset.  Many different things happened the day before which triggered this emotional breakdown but this happens many times throughout the week. It is easy to get annoyed at her but today as she opened up to me I felt God saying this is why you need to have more patience with her and show her more love.  Basically, her mom beats her and it seems for no reason. The mom is always mad and just beats her when she feels like it.  Of course that is going to seriously affect a little 7 year old girl.  Half way through the year her grades were not so well and her mom was beating her for that. She has worked so hard and now she has great grades; her mother should be proud.  My dilemma was what do you tell a little girl who is crying and saying she is being beat all the time? I really had no words other than telling her only God can change your situation.  But what does that mean to a 7 year old?  All I can do is pray for her and love her and let God do the rest.

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