Pizza Party


August 31 was the last day of school before the week long August vacation.  I teach English, Math, Spelling, Reading/Phonics to two second grade classes.

 My mom came with me to help out with the Pizza Party and she read Go Dog Go by Dr. Seuss. The kids loved it. They kept asking my mom how old she was because in this culture it is not considered rude to ask someone's age.  But my mom kept saying, "I'm older than Mrs. Kristal," and all the kids just walked away confused.  They were all shocked that she was my mom and kept telling her how pretty she was.

This is Moises. He is a one of my students.  I have two children that live an Orphanage in my class and he is one of them.  It was jeans day so all the kids came wearing regular clothes to school and he came in his Toms.

Moise told me that someone came and asked his size and gave him a new pair just his size. He told me, "You know what Mrs. Kristal? If you buy a pair of Toms they give another pair to kids like me."  It was so cute. I told him I know and that's why I have a pair.

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