Treasured Prayer

 This past week the Bible teacher and Children's Pastor at the School were I work asked if I could share with the kid's on this past Friday night in Oansa.  Oansa is the Spanish version of the children's program Awana's, in which I was part of one time in my life.  As usual, I was blessed more than the children I was sharing with.  We skyped with some local missionaries who are now serving in India and the children were able to ask them questions.  Then I shared a little of what I did and do and a testimony how God healed a women who could not walk instantly while I was with World Warrior's in Costa Rica. I then showed a slideshow of pictures.  There was a drama and then a time of prayer.  Three of my students were there and Mr. Guillermo, the Children's Pastor, told them to be in my prayer group.  It was incredible seeing these boys in a different environment, other than the classroom, and actually be able to minister and pray with them.  One of the boys was weeping the whole prayer time and all three lifted their hands when the Children's Pastor asked who really wanted to be a pastor, missionary, leader ect. in the ministry.  During the prayer time one of the third grade students came over and prayed for me.  A prayer from a child is a treasured one.

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  1. AWANA has been a great blessing to my children! You're in my prayers Kristal!