Two Communities in 2 Days

  It is not considered summer time here it is actually winter.  Rainy season=winter and dry season=summer. Summer school break is November-January which is in dry season.  Even though it isn't summertime here  our ministry "Cazador de Tesoros" is chock-full of events.  This past weekend we went to the community of Las Delicias outside of San Salvador, in which I have many sentimental ties for all the work I've done there in King's Castle, and Portrerios a community in the volcano crater of Izalco high above Lake Coatepeque.  Friday, when I finished teaching, we went to Las Delicias to play some games and share with the youth.  It was a great experience because I have worked there for many years with King's Castle and it is where my old roommate teaches English.  To be able to introduce many of the kids and teenagers to Ruben and minister to them together was really cool.

 Saturday we had a day camp with about 40 teenagers from the mountain community of Portrerios.  It was such a blessing to work with Pastor Julio and his wife Maty.  They are the King's Castle pastors in this area and moved from the city with their three children to live and minister in this community.
 I was a cabin leader and these were my girls for the day.  Even after just one day I felt a deep connection with them and felt truly honored to be able to be a part of their lives and talk to them about the Lord.  One of our favorite parts was the soccer tournament in which we won all the games against the girl cabins. We lost one game against the guys but I was super proud of these girls and there soccer playing skills.
I was watching the kids play games and I really almost cried because of the laughter and smiles that were on their faces.  Many of these kids have very hard lives and I know coming to a day camp like this allows them to relax and just be kids.

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