Living and teaching in El Salvador you have to learn to be resourceful and really creative.  Thank goodness for websites such as Pinterest however it is still very difficult at times to find the necessary supplies to make the cute ideas or if you do find it they are triple the price.  One of the things that you can not buy here is bulletin board border.  So what I have done is cut strips of poster board and with the  extra paint from the Father's Day craft I choose different kids, according to their good behavior, to come and paint sections throughout the day.  It turned out cute, it was fun for the kids, and it was a incentive for the kids to behave well in class.

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  1. Anonymous7:11 PM CST

    Send me your adress where I can send you some school supplies. Sincerely Sherehe. Send a list of what types of things you would like. I would like to do some type of school supply drive for a variety of ministries. One being yours. Thanks sherehe