Pinterest Projects

Pinterest is one of the best inventions ever, in my opinion. Especially for artsy crafty people.  Ruben and I didn't have a headboard so I saw on Pinterest how some people used old pallets as a headboard.  So as we were looking for furniture at a so called thrift store we saw these pallets. We asked if they would sale them and they did $1.00 a piece.  They are different types of wood and had writing on them so we mixed left over brown paint from the walls with some white paint and painted the pallets.  We then turned them lateral and put them in the place we wanted.  Now all we need to do is drill them into the wall to keep them from moving. Super easy and way cool.

 My other pinterest project was actually for my wedding with the intention of using in my house.  These are wooded letters we bought from Hobby Lobby and hot glued shells all over them. In the wedding we put the K on my side of the chairs and the R for Ruben's side even though we didn't really follow that rule in our wedding. Everyone could sit wherever they wanted.  Now they are hanging above our bed.

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