It's Not Coincidence

I was teaching at Liceo Cristiano San Benito when I first came back to El Salvador.  I was teaching English Literature to middle and high school ESL students; quite a feat.  For many reasons I decided that it was not the job/position for me.  So before the wedding I turned in my notice and decided not to worry about finding a job until after the honeymoon.  I had been praying that God would provide me with a job that I would enjoy and a schedule that would be convenient for my work in the ministry.  A week after the honeymoon a friend, who is a children's pastor and bible teacher, gave Ruben a call and asked if I had a job yet.  I didn't so Guillermo, our friend, told me to send my resumé to the director of the school CEFAS where he worked.  I did and within an hour they asked if I could come in for an interview.  The job opening was for a 2nd grade English teacher.  The teacher that was there was having health problems and decided to quit so they needed a new teacher and quickly.  They asked me to come and teach that same week so I could try it out. I tried it and I loved it.  The following Friday the director told me that she liked my work and I was doing a good job and would like to offer me the position. I gladly accepted. So I am the homeroom teacher of the class in the photo above.  A rambunctious group of children but I love them all.  I teach them math, english, spelling, and phonics/reading.  I also teach the other second grade class the same subjects. In each class there is 26 students and it is very challenging especially with so many different English levels but I absolutely love it.  My goal everyday is to be an expression of God to them.  I do not believe that it was just a coincidence that this job opened up but a divine appointment and answer to my prayers.

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