Juana y Manuel

Last night Ruben and I went to eat at my favorite pupuseria called Tipico Margóth.  It is a nice little place that has great traditional food.  When we pulled up there were two dirty little kids in the parking lot asking for money.  We talked to them for a little bit and gave them some money and went inside to eat.  When we came out they were still in the parking lot and it was dark and a little chilly.  We started to ask them their names and where they were from. Juana was 10 years old and her brother, Manuel was 6.  They had just moved to the area from Soyapango.  They walked down to the restaurant by themselves and they stay there until it closes.  There parents sale newspapers on the side of the rode.  The children have never been to school.  It really just broke my heart because in situations such as these your little bit of money to help them buy food doesn´t help their situation in the long run.  It made me think how desperate do you have to be, as parents, to send your children to beg for money? Or at what point does begging for money become a greater priority than sending your children to school so they can improve their future?  And what can I do to help?

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