Hardest Job Ever

I'm not complaining but I think I have the hardest job ever. At least the hardest job I have personally ever had.  But I know God has placed me in this position and he is doing a work in me.  Whoever came up with the cliche "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach" obviously never taught and is a liar.  Teaching a group of middle to high class Spanish speakers an English Lit class is ridiculously difficult. If anyone has any ESL, Middle or High School classroom management, Literature teaching advice, techniques, or ideas I am open for ANYTHING.  Some of my classes don't pay attention to my English classes but at least they listen when I am speaking to them in Spanish about the word of God which you think would be the other way around.  Two times this week I was asked to give a devotion to a 7th grade class and a 9th grade class and the Lord just spoke through me and the kids were more attentive during this time than any other.  Which that in itself is a miracle; there is usually always someone talking or goofing off and not paying attention.  But not when I was sharing from  my heart! That is my reinforcement, my confirmation for being in the right place.  Also, having random students tell me I'm there favorite teacher don't hurt.

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