Fiesta, Fiesta, and more Fiestas

Last night I went to the Fiestas Patronales in Antiguo Cuscutlan here in San Salvador.  The night started off by sitting in tons of traffic because the 28th is a big night for the fiesta.  We then ate at a Mexican Restaurant called Andale where I ate the best tacos of my life.  After that we walked two blocks to the downtown area which was the center of the fiesta.  It was full of people; so much so, at times, I had flashbacks of walking through the crowds in New Orleans on Fat Tuesday.  Not that the fiestas here could even compare to the mayhem in New Orleans.  However, the fiestas could compete with Mardis Gras with the simple fact that it is probably more dangerous in the sense of fireworks being shot off directly into the crowd and stampedes of people trying to run away from the firework shooting bull.
Here you can see the crowds of people waiting to see the firework show and then the release of the bulls.

This is the same street shot and you see how quickly it cleared once the bull was out.

I don't know how many firework shooting bulls were released but it was crazy and so much fun.  

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