Most Violent Country in the World

I was shocked to read that El Salvador, where I have lived the past four years and will be living, is the most violent country in the world.  I knew El Salvador was violent; it is something you get used to, unfortunately.  You get used to hearing of the murders; it becomes normal.  Which should never happen.  It saddens me to hear that El Salvador, the country the size of Massachusetts is above Iraq, a country in war, as being the most violent.  I never feel in danger or scared but the stats are terrifying.  According to the Geneva Declaration Central America is the most dangerous region in the world.  El Salvador has the highest rate of violent fatalities, with over 60 deaths recorded for every 100,000 inhabitants. (http://www.expatica.com/ch/news/swiss-news/central-america-the-world-s-most-violent-region-research_184867.html)  Some may ask why would you want to live there? Aren't you scared?  I can boldly say I want to live there because God placed El Salvador on my heart even as a little girl and I'm not going to let the violence scare me away.  I plan on getting married, serving God, teaching children and doing all I can to shine the light of Jesus Christ on this violent stricken country.

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