Week 3 Puerto El Triunfo

Week three was a memorable week for me because God did something in me that has marked me and pushed me into a new level of trust in faith in Him. This week we went to a specific high school of about 300 students and one of the guys was giving his testimony. While he was speaking God told me, "Tell you testimony, there is a specific person who needs to hear it." I was shaking because I have never given my testimony, in Spanish, especially in front of 300 teenagers. But I know what God told me to do. So I shared my testimony and in the faces of 300 teenagers staring at me there was a specific girl with whom I kept making eye contact. After the ministry drama and the invitation to accept Christ that exact girl came up to me and said, "What you went through I have gone through and I needed to hear how God changed your life because I want to change mine." So I was able to pray with her as she accepted Christ. Another guy said he has been hanging out with gang members and on the verge of entering a gang but decided to change his life and give it to God instead.

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