Tales from the Dentist Chair

This little boy is named Eliú. He came through Triage with his older brother. Eliú is five years old and has major dental problems. When I was translating for the Dentist he wanted me to ask how often does he brush his teeth. He looked at me and said, "Well, I don't have a toothbrush so I can't brush my teeth." They had to do a few extractions but we they gave him a toy for being so brave and a toothbrush so he could start brushing his teeth.
Pam is a Missionary Associate here who works on the Compassion Team. She is cleaning the teeth of a 13 year old boy named, Hokie. Hokie is a like many of the children in this area who live their lives in survival mode.
Here I am with Dr. Mike translating for him as he does Triage.
These two little boys from the community are brothers, Saul and Luis. These are the two little boys who I blogged about last week that were hanging around while we were cleaning the clinic. My heart goes out to these kids and I hope that in the little time I was around them that God's love gripped their hearts. They hung around all week long and we tried to get them in the Dentist seat but we never were able to.

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