Christmas Around the World

I love spending Christmas here in El Salvador. Truly I feel more at home here than I do in the States. However, the holidays without your family can always make one a bit melancholy. It was wonderful having my mom and brother visiting me this past week but now that they are gone it is a little lonely. So glad we have God's promise that He is always with us. He also knows just what we need. I was reminded of that this morning during my devotion time.

"Your attitude should be the same that Christ Jesus had. Though he was God, he did not demand and cling to his rights as God." Phil. 2:5-6
Another language blunder, but I never imagined it would be so meaningful. It was our fourth Christmas in China, and we had recently moved from a large capital to a remote town.
Each Christmas, we made a manger out of bamboo and filled it with hay, then we wrapped a doll in a blanket and placed it in the manger in our living room. A floodlight shining on the doll's face helped remind us of the wonder of Christmas.
I explained to a Chinese guest that when Jesus was born, He was placed in a feed trough. Instead of saying the Chinese word for "manger," I accidently used the word for "toilet." My wife quickly corrected me, and we laughed at my mistake.
Reflecting later, it wasn't stretching it to say that Jesus was born and then placed in a toilet. The trough most likely didn't smell much better, and compared to the glory He had enjoyed in Heaven, a fee trough surrounded by smelly animals probably did seem comparatively like a toilet.
I realized that the sacrifices made to live in this remote town were pathetically small when compared to those that Jesus made in leaving heaven to come to earth. I was encouraged, though, to think that moving to this town was in line with the Christmas message.
Jesus left a place of comfort to seek the lost in an uncomfortable and remote place called earth. It took a language blunder to be reminded that our relocation was merely our humble attempt to follow His example. -A worker in China

(Taken from Voices of the Faithful; Moore, Beth)


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM CST

    We enjoyed spending time with you. Being able to see the ministry of King's Castle in progress was great. The Mega Fair was different from anything I've been a part of. Just seeing more of what you do there in El Salvador and being included was very nice. The children are special and blessed to be in King's Castle MInistry. Our family time together was wonderful. We miss you here but are happy you are doing God's work and helping children who need you.
    Love you dearly, mom

  2. Travis is smiling, no wonder I didn't recognize him.