Stories from the Streets of San Miguel

During one of the street programs this women came up and asked for us to pray for her granddaughter that is sick with bronchitis. Then she told me that she wanted us to pray because she is having economic problems and just recently someone in her family had passed away so she was really going through some tough times. To be able to pray with her and see the kids all lay hands on her and intercede was a beautiful thing and she was touched by the Lord.

These kids were the reason I came to San Miguel. They had a place to live but are street kids. No one takes care of these kids. They live outside of the church and Susanna and I invited them in but they didn't want to come. Eventually, they came and sat with us. Naked, sick, and dirty they sat with us on the wooden pews of the church and heard the word of God, maybe for the first time I think what broke my heart was the way the church members looked at us for bringing these precious kids inside their church.

Samuel, the one on the far right, is such an awesome kid. During one of the programs he went to a group of boys in the distance who were sitting on their bikes listening to the street program. A few of the other kids went over to talk to them as well. They shared about God's love and saving power. After a while he came over to me looking sad. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "They didn't want to accept Jesus in their hearts." I told him that he did what he was supposed to do. He shared God's love and the seed has been planted. Some people plant, some water, and some pick the fruit.

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