Prayer Needs of a 10 year old

This picture is taken from a notebook that is on the 3rd floor of the prayer fortress, which is the floor for intercession. There is a notebook in the inner room for people to write prayer needs so that while people are on their 2 hour prayer shifts they can pray for these specific needs. Samuel who is a 10 year old Guardian of the Vision wrote this page.

I want you all to pray for the family of the boy who died named Cristian. He was a Guardian from our church. Pray that they would come to church because they have already accepted Christ in their hearts.

That my sister would accept Jesus in her heart because she does not want to come to church. Pray for the Guardian's that want to be Mini Master's so that God would supply the $120.00 that they need for the trip. I give thanks to God because he supplied my needs for the money and now I will be a Mini Master. Please pray for these needs.

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  1. Kathy H.12:49 PM CST

    So, can anyone support 1 of these kids so they can be a Mini Master? I want too then.