Tower of Babel

This past week has been one of major Spanish error. I feel like my brain and mouth just aren't cooperating properly. I could give you examples of my silly errors and misunderstandings but it would not make sense unless you, also, spoke Spanish. The good thing is that when you make a fool of yourself and say something wrong or it may be correct but has another meaning is that when everyone starts laughing and your feel completely humiliated you NEVER forget that mistake and you learn the correct way of saying it real quick. I really love learning Spanish. Learning a language doesn't just include grammar or phonetics but majority of language is learning culture as well. I lived in El Salvador a year and a half and learned on the street as they say. I had taken some Spanish in school and college and I remember hearing my Aunt and her family speaking in Spanish and I also wanted to communicate with them. Coming here I knew the very basics, very basic; like words and greetings. When I decided to extend I then went to Costa Rica for 8 months to study formally. I loved it! And I learned so much; it was exactly what I needed. Now I can communicate, translate, whatever but I'm still constantly learning. Language is such a funny thing. Sometimes I think what if the Tower of Babel thing never happened and we all spoke the same language how different our world would be. It seems that it would be a lot more boring and our cultures wouldn't be a distinctly different. Anyway, I was thinking about some awkward situations that happen to me quite often here in El Salvador regarding language.

1.) Speaking in Spanish to other native English speakers. This is so weird to me and I despise it with all my being. However, when I work in an office with 5 Salvadorans and two Americans when we are talking in a group it would be rude to speak in English. It is just weird to me talking to my own people in Spanish.

2.) Speaking in Spanish to someone who is not a native Spanish speaker but doesn't speak English either so your only common language is Spanish. This happened in Costa Rica quite often as many tourists from Europe would visit and we would have to speak in Spanish to communicate. It is weird because naturally you want to speak your own language to them but they don't understand. However, on the other hand it is neat to be able to communicate.

Language learning is an endless process but very interesting and fun. My advice to anyone who is leaning a language find someone who only speaks that language and become friends. When you have a friend who doesn't speak English and you want to communicate, you will.

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