Odres Nuevos (New Wineskins)

Despite rain from tropical storm Mathew we had the Guardian of the Vision Camp for level 11. There are 7 levels in the Guardian of the Vision discipleship program and I am the level 11 supervisor. We always have camps the last weekend of the month but because my level is a higher level I don't always have a camp. The camps are good because they remove the children out of their normal environment and puts them in a safe and beautiful environment outside of the city. And we have the whole weekend to pour into their lives and get to know them better. We had 12 kids for this camp and the theme was becoming a new wineskin. The main verse was from Jeremiah 18:6 "...As the clay is in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand." It was truly a privilege to run this camp and to minister to their lives. This camp was not only so that level 11 could be refilled and renewed by the Holy Spirit but also to minister to others. They had the opportunity to pray for kids in lower levels to be filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many children received the gift of speaking in other tongues. This weekend was also a Empowerment Retreat for our church, which consisted of a two day water fast. The kids in my level were given a choice if they wanted to fast or not. I was surprised that two boys decided to fast breakfast and lunch on Saturday which really made me proud. It was a great weekend of renewal and empowerment from the Holy Spirit for many people.

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