Training Future Leaders

One of my responsibilities as a Missionary Associate with King's Castle and part of the discipleship staff is training others in our children's discipleship programs which consist of Castle Club and Guardians of the Vision. Yesterday, Sulma Serrano, who is the creator of the material, and I finished up the Castle Club training for the new Master's Commission students. I love how God gives us the desires of our hearts when we follow His will. When I was an intern in 2005 I wanted to come back as a missionary to work with the kids and to train others so they could take the program to their churches and other nations. Now I am doing both of those things. Master's Commission students are future leaders, pastors, teachers, and missionaries. It is such a privilege to be a part of what they will be doing. One of the Master Commission students shared with me yesterday that she is the only christian in her family, she has not talked to her mom in two months, her father is completely closed off to christianity and no one in her family is supportive of her decision of entering Master's Commission. She asked me to pray for her family and I ask you to do the same. If you think about it pray for Sandra and that her family would come to know Christ.

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