Steppin' Out

This little girl came to me for prayer because her Aunt is sick.
Leading worship in Children's Church.
Giving an example on the faithfulness of God using
my sister's story of raising funds for her mission trip.

Although I can speak Spanish I'm still very fearful speaking in front of a large audience. However, I feel comfortable with the children I work with. Usually, I have kept my speaking, in front of everyone, to a minimum. I usually lead games and teach classes but I was asked to do worship for the kids. My first reaction was "No, I can't." But then the Lord quickly reminded my of my prayers which have been something like this. "Lord, please take away my fear of man. Take away my fear of speaking in front of people in Spanish. I want to be used by you in a greater way. Help me to step out in faith and do what you want me to do." So, I relented. I picked out a few songs and I was super nervous. But this morning before church I spent time in prayer and just asked the Lord to help me and that His presence would rest on all of us; and it did. We had a great worship time with the kids and you could feel God's presence. For me it was a great feat and I give all credit to God.

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