Kevin's Story

There is not one child in our ministry that does not have a heartbreaking story. The types of things most of these young children have already gone through would blow you away. This is Kevin and he was one of the only children that did not join in a prayer circle on Sunday during Children's Church. I saw him sitting there by himself so I sat down and started talking to him. He would not look at me in the eye and did not respond to anything I said. I put my arm around him and started talking to him about the love of Christ. I tried to get him to open up and he finally told me he lives with his Aunt and his parents are in prison, both are gang members. He was so hard and so hurt and has already been through so much. I told him Jesus Christ loves him more than anyone in the world and that I was there for him and anytime he wanted to talk to come and find me. Now all I can do is just keep praying for Kevin and hope that the love of Christ enters his heart.

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