How Bout Them Apples

I bought a bag of apples this morning and they are probably the smallest apples I have ever seen. In fact, at the same booth they were selling cherry's that were not much smaller. But they are really good apples and I think they are the perfect size for a snack. I don't have a big mouth (I know some people are smirking and/or laughing at that) but to bite into a huge apple is hard for me so I like these miniature apples. As I was eating the apple the saying "how bout them apples" came to my mind. I started to wonder what it meant so like I do to find out anything I googled it. Supposedly, In World War I, something called a Stokes gun fired mortars resembling apples with a stick in them, so they were often referred to as Toffee Apples. In the movie Rio Bravo in 1959, a guy tosses a hand grenade and says "How do ya like them apples?"

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  1. I might like them apples if i tried them. but I actually prefer the bigger ones because there's more to them.