Beach Ministry

I love the beach. It is, by far, my favorite place in the world to be. One of the benefits of studying in Costa Rica is the opportunity to go to the beach. In fact, taking trips is encouraged by our teachers because it helps us to enter into the culture and practice Spanish. It is great because everyone is super friendly and chill and I was able to do quite a bit of one on one witnessing. I didn't go out and decide I am going to witness today. I believe that is a given and whenever you meet someone new or are talking to someone how can you help but witness. I talked to a handful of people about what the Lord has called me to do in El Salvador. It was cool because I was out surfing and many of the locals were out. After we all came in one local surfer named Alex came and introduced himself. I told him that I was a missionary and we just started talking about the life of Jesus. He said he doesn't like christianity but reads the Bible and loves the life that Jesus lives. I told him that is what "real" christianity if supposed to be....following the life of Jesus. I also was able to talk to a coconut vendor out on the beach and turns out he attends an Assembly of God church and works with a home for street people and stuff. So, not only was it a wonderful break from school but I was able to practice my Spanish doing what I love to do most; simply get to know people and share with them what the Lord has done in me.

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