Character Connex Day 1

Today was the first day of Character Connex after our training yesterday. We were trained yesterday by a group from the United States and we worked with them today and will work with them all week. For our first program all the students and teachers from CINCEL, the language school, came to watch. For me, that was the most nerve wracking thing ever. I did my story and drama and I made it through. Conversing with people in Spanish, no big deal, but put me on a microphone in front of tons of people and it is a completely different story. I was so nervous. To make it even worse the subject matter is super difficult because it is about sexual abuse. Things such as do not take money or candy from people in exchange for letting them take pictures of you or do not get into taxis alone. In the area we are going to tomorrow, and will be working for the rest of the week, has this system that certain taxis will pick up children and bring them to the predator. It is super sad and hard to talk about but it is a reality for these children.

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