Quandary of Packing

I have about two weeks left before I make my big move to Costa Rica. I started getting things together since I finished working with the World Warrior's but today I bought some boxes and vacuum pack bags so the reality of moving is starting to set it. I despise packing; I despise all the junk I seem to accumulate anywhere that I go and I am not a pack rat. I am a person who gives away and throws away if I don't use it. This packing that I am doing has to be strategic because I am not bringing everything with me. I have to pick and choose what I think that I will use in the next eight months and the rest of it has to be packed up until I return to El Salvador. San Jose has a much different climate than San Salvador....altitude is higher, more rain, and cooler temperatures. I will be staying in a furnished apartment on the campus of CINCEL, which is the name of the language school I will be attending, so I do not have to worry about appliances and things. So, another chapter of my life is ending to usher in something greater. I am not wanting to leave El Salvador but I know when I return the Lord will be able to use me even more because my Spanish will be much better. I am not concerned with being the best Spanish speaker I can be, I want to learn so I can create deeper relationships and minister to people more.

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