CCI Campemento

I had my final exam, so to say, in the level two CCI class that I have been taking. CCI stands for Christian Camps International. So everything that is learned in CCI class is applied and used in the ministry for our monthly Campamentos (Encounters). Those taking this class had to actually be in charge of a camp. Meaning we had to plan, decorate, and recruit. Everything we have learned in both levels we applied and put it into action. The theme of the camp was "Siembra en Mi" meaning Plant in Me. I was in charge of a group of four girls and during our Bible study time we learned about the parable of the sower. We actually searched for the four different types of soil and it helped the girls understand why it is important for our heart's to be like the fertile soil. Each night we had a service and the Lord really touched their lives. We also did lots of fun things like swimming, playing games, and doing obstacle courses. The camp went great and I passed, thank God. Carlos, my teacher and director of the camp, said I did a great job because it was double hard for me because of the language. I again want to thank those who helped support some of the kids to go because it really meant a lot to them.

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  1. Anonymous3:37 PM CST

    One more thing behind you and another chapter closed in the " Life of Kristal H."
    I know the kids will miss you when you leave but think of what MORE you will accomplish when you go back.
    You also have some great memories of GREAT things in these Salvadoran kids lives.