Give Me Vision to See You

I have never worked so hard in a kitchen in my life as I did today. I went to the Camp to help get the Cafetin ready for all the AIM teams. It is a little place with concessions and games so the teams can hang out in their free time. So I helped clean the kitchen, which was an all day job. I am so exhausted and my arms will probably be sore tomorrow. For dinner I had a really great experience. I was able to go with Janelle to visit a family in her cell and eat dinner with them. We were hoping for some Salvadoran food but instead we got Pizza Hut. It was a really great time. Their 9 yr. old, Solomon, really took a liking to me and decided to become my spanish teacher. Janelle was really able to share with them and before we left we all prayed together. And Solomon was right there with us just praying out loud the whole time. The spirtual level of the children here is absolutely amazing.

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