Whirlwind of a Week

This week has been quite busy, but tons of fun. It all started last Friday when I spent Easter weekend at the camp, on the Amite, with the family that I watch their children in the afternoons. We happened to have an Arctic blast come through last weekend but still had fun. Friday night we had a crawfish boil, Saturday we went riding on the boat, even though it was freezing and we all had about 10 layers of clothes on. We played Mexican train many times, and ate way too much food. This week was their Spring Break so during the holidays I watch Sydney and Tyler all day while their parent's work. This week was a bit different because their cousin from Califorinia came down to visit so we did lots of stuff with their family. Tuesday night we all went to eat at Boutin's, a cajun restaraunt that has live cajun music every night. Wednesday we went back out to the camp for a boat ride. The weather was fantastic and we were out on the water for about 4 hours. We started off on the Amite, then the Petite Amite, to Blind River, Lake Maurepas, back into the Amite. It was so beautiful, probably one of the best boat rides I have been on. We saw about 7 or 8 alligators, a bald eagle, a snake, tons of turtles, all kinds of flowers and birds. The day was beautiful, the water was great. It was so awsome to be in the midst of such beauty and to realize God created it for us. We stopped at a small little church called Our Lady of Blind River, which is only accessible by water. It was so neat to see this little chapel that was kept up by a Cajun couple. Then yesterday we went to the Audubon Zoo. It was really nice but a lot of stuff was closed down still and not up and running because of the Hurricane. Everytime I go to New Orleans it is still so amazing to me to still see such devestation. So many beautiful homes in uptown that were destroyed and to see these mansions with the spraypaint on the front of the houses that leaves a grim reminder of the search that went on for so long. I should have pictures up soon of all the excitement that I had this week.

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